Ri Yong Sok overledenAfter the successful conclusion of the 6 days-long consultation and seminar on the Taekwon-Do technical issue and tournament rule revision with Grand Master Rhee, Master Hwang and other Korean Masters in Pyongyang, D.P.R. Korea, Master Ri Yongsok, 8th dan holder, ITF Technical Committee Chairman, on the way back to Pyongyang from the visit to his wife’s parents house stationed in a far-away Northern Province of D.P.R. Korea, became victim of a serious car accident on the highway together with two other fellow riders, having been hospitalized.

Due to a serious brain damage, next day , on Saturday 12th of July, with two other fellow riders, he passed away in hospital at the age of 46 years to our deep heart-felt regret. His funeral service was held in Pyongyang in sorrow and mourning of his family members and the funeral service participants.

Born 10th December 1962, he has made a great contribution to the ITF development by having pioneering ITF Taekwon-Do in Russia, spreading ITF Taekwon-Do as the ITF Technical Committee Chairmanin in many countries through the Taekwon-Do seminars and demonstrations and the active participation of the Taekwon-Do encyclopedia editing. He, with a great contribution to the ITF development, will be forever alive in all ITF members´ hearts and memory.