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Black Eagle All-Style 2008

Black Eagle All-Style 2008

All-Style Karate Competitions
14-06-2008, Capelle ad IJssel, Holland
Black Eagle
Taekyon Open 2008

Taekyon Open 2008

Open TIN Taekwon-do competition
20-04-2008, Oss, Holland
Taekyon Berghem
Open Valkenswaardse 2008

Open Valkenswaardse 2008

Open NTA Taekwon-do competition
27-01-2008, Valkenswaard, Holland
TC Dommelen
Open Valkenswaardse 2007

Open Valkenswaardse 2007

Open EuroBudo Taekwon-do competition
21-01-2007, Valkenswaard, Holland
TC Dommelen
Game of Fight 2006

Game of Fight 2006

All-Style KKAN competition
29-10-2006, Tiel, Holland
TMA Tiel
European Championship 2006

European Championship 2006

European Championship Taekwon-do
29-09-2006, Thessaloniki, Greece
Open Zeeuwse 2006

Open Zeeuwse 2006

Open ITF-NL Taekwon-do competition
19-03-2006, Middelburg, Holland
TKD Middelburg
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2 comments on Sparring"
Paced by BheCCDVqt 03 maart 2013, 01:11
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Paced by PYqHaWTGhcDP 28 februari 2013, 03:06
Who's Ivan?I read some of those posts in question. In fact, the one that used Glen Levy's hamemr fist demo I read just a few days after I first came across that video of his. Talk bout coincidences.I learned force momentum first from a Newtonian model. But the Newtonian Model does not cover internal organs and systems, so Tim Larkin's guys chose to use sport medicine as the base data for how to generate injuries using the capacity of the human body in motion. The Chinese looked at it from another model, that of chi, which is not a pre-scientific model so much as it is a parallel Aristotelian model. Aristotle had his essences. The Chinese had their 5 elements: wood, water, metal, fire, earth. They were developed in relatively the same time period. I can't state that there were any connections yet until I learn both models, which I have not. But chi was also a way to describe phenomenon much like Aristotle did.Thus in order to see what actually is happening from the impulse of a shock type power transfer, one must study Chinese medicine or neuro-physiology. Chinese medicine is the easier and more relevant path for martial artists.Recent individuals like Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, founder of YMAA, have combined Western interpretations with Eastern chi, meridian, and medical knowledge. So I use his re-integration of such systems.The main problem with science experiments is that the scientists aren't martial artists and thus incorrectly interpret the data. This also tends to make them create experiments which are based off erroneous assumptions. For example, they compare crash test dummies concerning deflection or V, and get a person to hit the crash test dummy to compare the data to car crashes. That is a relatively good experiment in terms of obtaining control data and variables, but that's not how the real human body behaves and is thus not very useful in telling a martial artist whether he has accounted for all the realistic factors involved. These types of experiments also don't graph power over time or acceleration over time. The most important part of any experiment is the raw data, not the massaged data or the executive conclusion interpreted off the data.I would posit that ballistic gel would probably be the best bet for researching the effects of internal power. Scientists and engineers have already created such human experimental models for things such as bone. So far most people have focused on the user. If they focused on the power generated by the user, it was in situations which did not 100% mimic human targets.For example, the Stanford university student test gave a raw data feed on a graph. Notice that flat line at the top of the bell curve. What does it mean?
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