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History of Taekwon-do (General Choi Hong Hi)

History of Taekwon-do (General Choi Hong Hi)

Although the origins of the martial arts are shrouded in mystery, we consider it an undeniable fact that from time in memorial there have been physical actions involving the use of the hands and...
History of Taekwon-do (Hwang Kwang Sung)

History of Taekwon-do (Hwang Kwang Sung)

Taekwon-Do was brought into this world on April 11, 1955. Before this time, there was no Taekwon-Do, no Chon-Ji or Dan-Gun tul; the original Taekwon-Do patterns. In 1957, General Choi Hong Hi...
 History of Chung Do Kwan (R.E.Dohrenwend)

History of Chung Do Kwan (R.E.Dohrenwend)

The purpose of this history is to attempt to trace the roots of the style of Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do. To do this properly, it is necessary to show how modern Tae Kwon Do developed, and to...
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